I am a recent graduate (May 2016) from University of Houston with a Master of Petroleum Engineering degree. I am looking for a workplace with positive work culture where I can quench my inquisitiveness. Please explore this website to know about my experience and skills, and to know, why you should hire me.

My Philosophy: I believe in tackling the problems in the industry in an unconventional way making things easier, straightforward and automated. Talking about unconventional ways for solving problems, I have an opinion that before thinking outside the box one should master what is inside the box. There is so much in this universe that humans still need to learn. Learning is a continuous process and as Thomas Huxley, a famous English Biologist, said,

“If a little knowledge is dangerous then where is the man who has so much as to be out of danger.”


My Education:  
M.S.  Petroleum Engineering
B.S.   Major:   Petroleum Engineering.
Minor:  Oil & Gas Midstream (Gas Processing,transportation, etc) | Chemical Engineering


My experience: I believe that a true petroleum engineer is an asset engineer. S/he should understand all aspects of engineering necessary for the asset, not just production or reservoir. My experience ranges from production optimization, artificial lift design & installation, reserve estimation, reservoir simulation, field operations management, re-completion, oil & gas gathering & marketing contract management, reservoir management, automation (drilling & production), data analytics and research (filed two patents and three tier one conference publication during my masters). I am very passionate about what I do. You may explore more here.