Why Choose me?

Let me help you out here. Let’s see why you should choose Vikrant over other candidates.

  1. He has a master’s degree with outstanding credentials.
  2. Willing to relocate anywhere in United States, Canada or overseas.
  3. Vikrant is a petroleum engineer who knows data – the “new thing” in the market. He is keen about data analytics and his recent publications advocates his belief in the fact that data is what tells you the exact story if you know how to read, “deconvolute” and interpret the numbers.
  4. Soft skills are most important for growth in any company. A quick check:
    1. Self motivated. √
    2. Outgoing. √
    3. Professional. √
    4. A believer of transformational leadership. √
    5. Highly adaptable. √
    6. Excellent work ethics. √
    7. Willingness to learn and grow. √
    8. Excellent communication skills. √
    9. All the above skills are evident in his work, experiences and personality. √
  5. Endorsed by the professors and managers he has worked with. Click here to know some of the people willing to endorse Vikrant.

    If I am still not able to convince you, then just look at how many candidates tried to convince you this way.